✓ Attended the CNN Town Hall
✓ Asked Bernie Sanders a question
✓ Made it onto CNN New Day


I’m currently a student at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. I grew up in Kansas City, MO. I’ve had brief stints in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and more recently, Sevilla, Spain.

I enjoy writing everything from basic copy to lengthy personal narratives; designing logos and graphics in Photoshop; debating grammar and UX, with equal ferocity; developing and debugging code with a passion; watching presidential debates and 30 Rock; eating thin-crust pizza and drinking Guinness; and reading on-the-road accounts, murder mysteries, and non-fiction novels.

Sometimes I swim, sometimes I run, but more often than not, I get my exercise running to class.

I’ve played around with a multitude of majors —civil engineering, international business, multimedia design, political science— but have finally settled into a B.S. in Computer Science with minors in Business and English.

I’ll be graduating in December 2016.

What’s New

Meredith Corporation

I’ve been working for Meredith in a front-end development internship. Recently, I’ve been working on bug and styling fixes for an upcoming website refresh on I’ve also gained experience automating regression testing on and working with Drupal CMS.


Affiliated with International Studies Abroad (ISA), Darethink serves as an educational resource for students interested in learning about political, social, and economic trends across the world. As a cofounder, I am deeply involved in the company’s global growth, remote collaboration, and publishing processes.

The Meyocks Group

At Meyocks, I’ve spent much of my time in Balsamiq working to redesign and simplify the agency’s current newspaper billing web application. I’m now working with PHP and JS to modify the existing code for the redesign. I’ve also created, tested, and sent HTML email campaigns for clients.




This is a link to my work experience, education, recommendations, and skills.



Here you can see examples of projects that I’ve worked or am currently working on.



This is a link to my current portfolio site. It includes images, graphics, and logos I’ve created or taken.


“Alexis is an excellent student – one of the best I’ve seen in my tenure at Drake University. She has a remarkable work ethic and an impressive ability to solve problems by developing code… If I were to start a company, Alexis would be among the students at the top of my list to hire. She has my highest recommendation.”

Timothy UrnessDrake CS Professor

“Alexis is very motivated and has a strong desire to do excellent academic work. She is willing to go above and beyond the classroom to teach herself skills she thinks will matter in her field. I would rank her among my best students. Alexis also has a very ‘can do’ attitude that infuses all of her work.”

Suzanne ClaytonDrake IS Professor

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Fun Fact

I’m one of the few people on this Earth fortunate enough to have a flattering Urban Dictionary definition of my name.

Kulash: {koo-lash} adj. 
inspiring to others; showing or characterized by awe; extraordinarily good; another word for cool.

This is likely thanks to my distant cousin, Damian Kulash, who is the lead singer of the alt-rock group OK Go. But I’d like to think that coolness is a common family trait.